alphabet\ book

alphabet\ book

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  • Alphabet book — An Alphabet book is a book primarily designed for younger readers and writers. It presents letters of the alphabet with corresponding words and/or images. Some alphabet books feature capitals and lower case letter forms, keywords beginning with… …   Wikipedia

  • alphabet book — noun : a book for teaching the alphabet …   Useful english dictionary

  • Alphabet of Classical Dance: 12th to 19th Century — is a book co written by Russian ballet teachers, Varvara P. Mey and Nadezhda Bazarova. This book was originally published in Russian but was later translated into many different languages. Both of the authors hold an important place in the… …   Wikipedia

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  • alphabet — (n.) 1570s, from L.L. alphabetum (Tertullian), from Gk. alphabetos, from ALPHA (Cf. alpha) + BETA (Cf. beta). Alphabet soup first attested 1907. Words for it in Old English included stæfræw, lit. row of letters, stæfrof array of letters. It was a …   Etymology dictionary

  • Book design — is the art of incorporating the content, , format, design, and sequence of the various components of a book into a coherent whole.In the words of Jan Tschichold, book design [...] though largely forgotten today, methods and rules upon which it is …   Wikipedia

  • Book peddler — Book peddlers were travelling vendors ( peddlers ) of books. This occupation had its peculiarities in various countries.United StatesBook peddlers and evangelicals in early United StatesIn the country with no single state sponsored religious… …   Wikipedia

  • Alphabet to E-mail — Alphabet to E mail: How Written English Evolved and Where It s Heading (ISBN 0415186854) is a book by linguist Dr. Naomi Baron, a professor of Linguistics at American University, Washington, D.C.. It was first published in 2000, published by… …   Wikipedia

  • ALPHABET, HEBREW — The origin of alphabetic script has always been a subject of human curiosity. According to Greek mythology, script was brought to Greece from Phoenicia. This tradition was accepted by the Greek and Roman writers, some of whom developed it even… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • alphabet — /al feuh bet , bit/, n. 1. the letters of a language in their customary order. 2. any system of characters or signs with which a language is written: the Greek alphabet. 3. any such system for representing the sounds of a language: the phonetic… …   Universalium

  • Book of Abraham — For other meanings of this name, see Book of Abraham (disambiguation). A portion of the papyri considered by some to be source of the Book of Abraham. The difference between Egyptologists translation and Joseph Smith s interpretations have caused …   Wikipedia